An incredible reunion 5 years in the making

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It’s one of those wonderful stories that warms the heart and makes all dog owners reach for their pet to give them a scratch.  Five years after her dog disappeared and was presumed to be dead, Heather Jackson of Chatsworth, Ga. will be reunited with Shakira, her Siberian Husky.  The dog, who is now 6 years old was about to be euthanized at Murray County Animal Control in Georgia when she was given a reprieve and instead was sent to Free Spirit Siberian Rescue in Harvard, Ill.

When Shakira went missing Jackson was told by a neighbour that someone had shot it, mistaking it for a wolf.

“It’s just unbelievable how some things happen,” said Karen Ferreri-Miller, founder of Free Spirit Siberian Rescue, who stepped in to save Shakira’s life.  She also paid to transport the dog to Illinois.  Just before Shakira was about to be adopted a microchip was discovered, which led directly back to Heather Jackson.  It is a mystery as to why the microchip was not discovered by Animal Control at any point in the last 5 years, as Ferrei-Miller says “By the time I get the dog, that’s supposed to have happened.”

Jackson now has another dog, an Akita which is quite dominant, so Shakira may end up with a new family anyway.  However Jackson is on her way to her reunion with Shakira and regardless of the outcome Shakira will now have the chance for a long and happy life, thanks to the dedication of Karen and Free Spirit.

3 thoughts on “An incredible reunion 5 years in the making”

  1. That is fantastic… my husky has had 2 microchip shots because the 1st one couldn’t be found and we assumed it fell out!!!! are these even dependable?! anyway, better safe than sorry. I would love to help Shakira out if she can’t stay with Jackson! Nikita (love of my life husky) came from a house also with an aggressive Akita… so I understand. Good luck THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO

    • Yes the chips are dependable much more often than not. Don’t be like so many people who don’t chip their pets and then the pet goes missing and the most common refrain of the owner: “Why didn’t I get him chipped?” and they will kick themselves with that forever.

  2. When you go to your Vets office for their routine exam or shots, or even to just stop in the office you can request that they check your pets microchip. All it takes it to run the scanner over the animal and they can check placement to see if it has migrated and scanning correctly. Our vets office actually has a scanner in the waiting room so you can check it yourself as well as in the back office.


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