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An Indiana Family Needs Help Finding Stolen Dog

by Melanie

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In Indianapolis, Indiana a family needs help from police and the community finding their dog who was stolen along with their car.

Jason Breeden’s vehicle has been taken right from under his nose while at a south-side gas station.  The Marathon station is located on Thompson and State Road 37 on Sunday morning.  He says he was trying to do a favor for someone needing help when he stepped away from his car for a minute.  He turned back, and his car was gone.

The surveillance video shows a man in a grey sweatshirt is seen asking Jason to buy him a pack of cigarettes.  Breeden agreed and stepped inside the store for just a second, keys still in the car along with Guy, his dog.

Seconds later, the suspect ran out of the store and hopped into the car, started it, and took off.  Breeden couldn’t believe his eyes, and ran out of the store after his vehicle.  He had no clue what to do at this point.

Breeden called police, but it has been two days, and nothing has turned up.  The Beedens say they have learned a harsh lesson, and will never leave their keys in their car again.

The family has printed and passed out dozens of fliers in every part of town.

The car in question is a dark red Pontiac Montana with a Cadillac license plate cover and darkly tinted windows.  The plate number is WCT129. Please contact police with any information.