And Man Created Dog

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If humans were as varied as dogs we would range in height up to 22 feet tall and in weight more than 1,000 pounds. In the ultimate canine ancestral story, National Geographic Channel traces the genetic journey from wolf to dog, taking viewers back 100,000 years to meet the “mother of all dogs.” It’s no accident that dogs evolved this way, as humans have been selectively breeding them for around 14,000 years to serve our needs as laborer, companion, hunter, herder and warrior, as well as to suit our aesthetic fancy.

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And Man Created Dog” will air this Sunday at 9 p.m. on the National Geographic Channel.

15 thoughts on “And Man Created Dog”

  1. We are varied. I am supreme ossim sauce and smell like amazing. Nigel’s dad is a doofus who smells like week-old beans. Nigel’s mum, however, is also from the ossim category and routinely sprays the man with Old Spice. He’s on a horse.

  2. I’d also suggest a British series called A Man and His Dog(s)….Can watch it on youtube, or if you have Vuze, can download it there….just search for Martin Clunes, A Man and His Dogs….funny, sweet, and covers much of what this program does….with a little more entertainment:)

  3. What a great video. I am glad that there is more awareness of what these dogs can do to help with the battles within. Even a comic strip, Funky Winkerbean now has has an ongoing story about Buddy the service dog helping one of their main characters.

    We owe our servicemen something for all they have seen and done – thank you, Tuesday!

  4. That was so sweet. I misted up a little when he gave the big hug to the random guy at the VA. Not only does he brighten up the main character’s life, but he spreads it around to others. 🙂


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