Government Warning: Dog Food Linked to Illness in Small Children

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Pet food tainted with Salmonella may be making kids sick, a government report warns – detailing the first known salmonella outbreak in humans, mostly young children, linked to pet kibble.  The outbreak sickened 79 people; almost half of them children.

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9 thoughts on “Government Warning: Dog Food Linked to Illness in Small Children”

  1. Uckyucky. That’s sad for the puppers and sad for the kids too, as Jan noted. Arggghhhh – wanna scream sometimes… no… often.
    Sammie and Ma and the gang

  2. We run a Boarding Kennel and to this day people bring in filthy dishes for their dogs to use. We always use our spotless stainless steel ones instead.
    Filthy crates too!


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