And Now, for the Most Asinine Thing You’ll See Today

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3.11.16 - Labradoodle - Fried Chicken1


Labradoodle or fried chicken?  Puppy or bagel?  Take a look at these food and dog photo comparisons that have been floating around the interwebz for some totally preposterous entertainment!


Chihuahua or blueberry muffin?  Ok, these ones are pretty obvious…



3.11.16 - Labradoodle - Fried Chicken2




Labradoodles or fried chicken?  These are definitely getting closer…



3.11.16 - Labradoodle - Fried Chicken3




Puppy or bagel?  If you don’t have superb vision, you might not be able to tell these ones apart…



3.11.16 - Labradoodle - Fried Chicken4




Dalmatians or ice cream?  Who cares, I’m starving by now!



3.11.16 - Labradoodle - Fried Chicken5




Bonus:  Cats morphing into croissants!




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