Boxer Shows Escape Artist Skills

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Crate training can be a very useful thing, especially if you plan to do any traveling with you dogs.  However, it can be very challenging sometimes.  It can be even more of a challenge when you have a crafty dog, that is good at problem solving.  Just like this dog here!


Genius Dog Escapes CageThis is one seriously crafty dog. via ViralHog

Posted by UNILAD on Wednesday, March 9, 2016


21 thoughts on “Boxer Shows Escape Artist Skills”

  1. That cage never had a chance. He made short work of it. He needs a friend to hang out with so his separation anxiety does not upset him.

  2. This Dog looks like one that was stolen from me in Auguast 2015
    for anyinformation regarding this animal please contact (323)786-0515


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