Angry Mob Surrounds Home of Suspected Dog Abuser

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A video of a dog being abused has been circulating on Youtube and Facebook, and prompted at least 50 people to surround the home of the alleged abuser.

UPDATE (11-25-11)  Jonathan Bloomfield has been banned from owning pets for 15 years. The former Grimsby resident was also ordered to complete 260 hours of unpaid work (community service) and pay £100 costs.

Bloomfield claimed that the abuse was the result of anger over the theft of a few potato chips. Judges were not impressed. Bench chairman David Stenton handed down the sentence and said: “It is pretty clear to everyone this is an awful case of animal cruelty. “The dog was clearly very frightened and had been subjected to violence over a period of time.”

Grimsby became infamous overnight when a video of him beating his dog circulated on YouTube in October.
[dcs_head top=”0″ color=”#666666″] [/dcs_head] Someone smashed a window of the home on Stanley Street in Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire UK, as a large crowd gathered outside on Tuesday evening. Some claimed that the man of the house was assaulted at the fron door earlier in the evening, but police have not confirmed.

The angry mob assembled mere hours after the video was posted on Facebook. Police escorted the occupant from the property shortly after 9 p.m. and the dog was removed from the home just minutes afterward.

A Humberside Police spokesperson said: “We did attend last night because there was some disorder and criminal damage at the address. I believe the man arrested was the man seen in the footage beating the dog, which was taken to the Blue Cross Animal Hospital, in Grimsby.”

The 36-year-old man arrested was scheduled to appear in court today to face two charges of animal cruelty.

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17 thoughts on “Angry Mob Surrounds Home of Suspected Dog Abuser”

  1. That’s so sad. The poor baby just wanted inside, probably for a drink of water, or because she was chilly. It’s definitely not the first time that poor pup has been struck by this man, you can tell by the reaction whenever that door opens.

    Poor sweet baby.

    • A man that can do that to a poor dog what will he do to a child he;s the one that should be hit with the stick then put a a big deep hole i LOVE my dogs best Friends anyone can have

  2. Just once I’d like to see people who abuse innocent and defenceless animals get the same treatment that they gave the dog. Perhaphs they are so stupid and cruel they can only understand if it is done to them

    Poor sweet pup how I wished I could have picked him up and brought him to a loving place.

  3. That is crazy. This man needs to be rewarded not investigated. He is a hero for what he did and so is everyone who was in that mob. I wish I could of been there. But heck if anyone needs people in a mob around here, sign me up. I think if we all did this to all the animal abusers out there the justice system would get sick of it and finally listen to us and change the laws. We’ve tried every thing else pretty much, why don’t this ? If anyone should be investigated in this it’s the justice system.

  4. I think people likes these MONSTERS shouldn’t be allowed to even live. No doubt that they beat that little boy the same way.

  5. How stupid that the poor man who video taped this abuse is now being investigated. The police are ashamed and embarrassed because they did nothing so now they have to make a big show of doing something. The something that they are doing is wrong. Did the dog get rehomed? I hope so and I hope it has a healthy and happy life from now on.

  6. I’m definitely in agreement with Lois and the idea that the cruel human should have done to him physically what he dished out to the dog. Until this kind of punishment is made for all who are cruel to animals (not to mention kids and old people and the whole domestic violence thing) there isn’t sufficient deterrence. The perp will hide behind a court system that favors the criminal and punishes the criminal – no matter what the country, this is the way the systems are set up. The victims aren’t made whole, the heroes aren’t very often vindicated and are themselves punished by a misguided legal system – maybe even worse in USA than in UK though UK supposedly has stronger anti-cruelty laws than in US. And I hope the authorities while they are busy trying to punish the hero, are looking at whether the spouse and children of the abuser are also victims of physical violence (though mental, emotional and financial abuse can be just as devastating as being struck, sometimes!). Anyone who beats an animal isn’t going to stop with animals – sooner or later, usualy sooner, they end up turning their viciousness on people and usually the most helpless or marginalized humans in their circle are the ones attacked because they cannot fight back, like little kids and old people. Hope the police catch a clue and I hope the abuser rots in prison and is routinely beaten by prison staff and other prisoners, if he even gets to prison.


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