Animal Cops Detroit Best Rescues with the American Strays Project

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Here are some highlights of the latest and greatest rescues that are all part of the American Strays Project.  If you want to see the individual videos in their entirety, click any of the links below the video!





#6:  Beaten Emaciated Bait Dog Rescued From Under Abandoned Building in Detroit


#5:  Animal Cops Detroit Rescue Dogs From Neglect – This Is The Dirty Side of Dog Rescue


#4:  Rescue of Homeless Bait Dogs from Abandoned Detroit House More Hope For Paws


#3:  Rescue of Abandoned Mama Dog & 5 Puppies She Was Protecting Under a Porch – Real Hope For Paws


#2:  Homeless Terrified Bait Dog Rescued In Detroit & More Hope for Paws


#1:  Rescue of New Born Puppy Deep in Pipe By Animal Cops Detroit – There is Hope for Paws


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