Animal Legal Defense Fund honors dog who was rescued from abuse

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A dog that has survived terrible treatment at the hands of her owner is now being honored as the mascot of 2013’s National Justice for Animals Week.  Sunny, a small poodle mix from West Virginia was rescued in 2011 from an owner who collected dogs so that he could torture and kill them while he forced his girlfriend to watch.

Jeffrey Allan Nally Jr., 21, was convicted of nine counts of animal cruelty in the case and is serving concurrent sentences of 10 to 25 years in prison.  Nally would peruse the classifieds and take dogs from “free to good home” ads so that he could abuse, torture, and finally kill them.  Police found 29 dead dogs on his property, all of which seem to have been killed sadistically.  Sunny is one of three dogs was who saved from this horror.

Sunny now has a happy and loving home with a canine companion and is doing very well, though he does struggle with anxiety issues.  “To think this little guy was one of three survivors in that horrible house, and he was so close to becoming a victim.  I feel so blessed to have him in my life and I’m sure he’s just as grateful,” says Sunny’s new human companion.

The fifth annual National Justice for Animals Week runs from February 18th to 24th and is dedicated to raising awareness about how to report cases of animal abuse, and how to work locally to strengthen animal protection laws and enforcement.  Each day during the week a new action will be posted on the web site so that people can come together with thousands of other people across the country and be a voice for animals.  Join in and help save the lives of innocent animals everywhere.