Canine hero saves his owner and 2 cats from raging fire

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A Nova Scotia man is alive thanks to his devoted dog Charlie who woke him up when his house caught fire in the middle of the night.  Mike Cameron was sound asleep on the couch Wednesday evening when he was awakened by his border collie mix jumping on his chest.  “I woke up and it was pretty black in the house, the house was engulfed in flames,” said Cameron.

Cameron quickly got up and began to search for his two cats, going in and out of the house as the fire spread, but he couldn’t find them.   He took in so much smoke that he collapsed near the front door, and that is when Charlie really became a hero.  The dog, determined to save his owner, grabbed Cameron by the shoulder and bean dragging him outside.  “He grabbed me by the shoulders and hauled me,” said Cameron.  Later Cameron realized the cats were outside and he credits Charlie with herding them out of harms way.

Fire crews found Cameron and his dog together near the front of the house.  Everything in the home was destroyed but Cameron doesn’t care, as long as his pets are okay.  When medics tried to take him to hospital he resisted, until he was completely reassured that his pets would be looked after.  And when he was released it was Charlie that he wanted to see first.  “There’s nobody like Charlie, nobody. He’s staying with me forever.”