Animal Lover Saves Stray Dog Stabbed by Homeless Person

by Katherine

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Here in the United States is very common to see homeless people with their own companion pets. Even with the limited means these street dwellers have, they always makes sure their pets are well cared for. In other countries however, friendships between homeless animals and humans are not so common.

In Bucaramanga, Colombia, ‘Tatus,’ a community stray dog, was stabbed four times by a homeless man.

Tatus receiving medical care at the vet clinic. Photo Credit: Vanguardia Liberal
Tatus receiving medical care at the vet clinic. Photo Credit: Vanguardia Liberal


The criminal act happened on Jan. 7, 2014, in La Independecia neighborhood. The homeless man, who started frequenting the neighborhood within recent months, stabbed the innocent animal just because he didn’t want the dog wondering the homeless man’s area.

According to Vanguardia Liberal, local residents reported the stabbing when it happened, but no one – including authorities – did anything to help the pet.

Alexandra Morales, a local resident, was able to locate the dog on Jan. 29 and transported the injured pet to a veterinarian clinic.

“The dog has always lived in the neighborhood,” Morales told La Vanguardia, “and the homeless man had recently ‘moved in.’ One day he just stabbed the dog twice on the body, and twice on its hind legs, because the dog walked by him.”

When Tatus arrived at the vet clinic 28 days later, his injuries were infected. He needed 29 stitches. Fortunately, none of the knife wounds punctured any major organ, but the dog’s condition was considered critical.

Veterinarians are treating the canine and hope he will fully recover from his injuries. The clinic hopes the community will step in with donations to cover all medical costs, and a foster or forever home will be found for the pet.

Even though authorities know the identity of the aggressor, nothing has been done to penalize the criminal. Residents of La Indepencia now fear for the safety of local children and all other residents.

If anyone is interested in helping Tatus, they can contact local animal rescuer Laura Ortiz in Colombia, by calling 011-57-310-793-1405 (dial this number to call Colombia from inside the U.S.- Spanish speaking only).