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Animal Lovers and Social Media Save a Dog’s Life

by Katherine

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When Rocío Rivas, from Spain, found a stray in deplorable conditions, she didn’t think twice and knew she had to do something to help. Thanks to her kind heart, the actions of many other Spaniards, and the power of social media, the stray’s life was saved.

At the beginning of July, the badly injured canine started roaming the streets of Duancos, Spain. Locals found the dog and helped him. He was hungry, dirty, infested with ticks and fleas, and has an injured leg. It appeared the pet had been hit by a car, but he also showed signs of past abuse.

Pirata recovering after his surgery.
Pirata recovering after his surgery.


The dog was named Pirata (Pirate), because he wears a dark spot around one of his eyes, and when found, he had an old collar with screws cutting into his neck. The torturous collar left him with a large and infected wound.

Rivas took the dog to a veterinary clinic where had had emergency surgery to remove the collar, clean his neck wound, and repair his broken leg. The Good Samaritan along Cristina Irina, another animal lover, started a social media campaign to raise funds to pay for Pirata’s costly vet bills.

Within hours, Rivas and Irina had captured the attention of many animal lovers across Spain and abroad, and thanks to that, enough funds were raised to help save Pirata’s life.

This lucky canine is recovering from his surgery now and is expected to make a full recovery. He is under foster care and his rescuers hope to find him a forever home where he will be loved and never again abused.

Pirata is believed to be six years old. He is very friendly and playful and will be the perfect pet for anyone looking for a loveable, cuddly four-legged friend. If interested in adopting him, contact his rescuers at [email protected].