Missing Dog Has Heartwarming Reunion with Her Dad

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1.2.14 - Dog's Reaction to Reunion with Owner2


Terrified of fireworks, Dora bolted from her home on July 4th of 2012.  Her family searched everywhere, and still they never found her.  But seven months later, she was picked up and taken to a shelter only 12 miles away.  The reunion between Dora and her dad was really touching.



Who knows what Dora experienced while she was out on her own for so long?  This is a very sweet and sensitive girl, and the world is a scary place.  Being in a shelter is scary, too – lots of commotion, and new people, animals, smells, and sounds.  It can be overwhelming.  Dora may have been very traumatized from her ordeal.  When she sees her dad, it’s almost as if she can’t believe he’s really there!  She’s cautious in her approach, but after a moment reality and excitement kick in:  “Holy cannoli!  It’s my dad – he’s really here!  I’m going home!!”