Animal Welfare Groups Sue State To Stop Live Bait Dog Training

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Calling the practice inhumane and barbaric, three animal rights groups filed suit against the Indiana Department of Natural Resources in protest of penning.If you’re unfamiliar with penning, it often involves foxes and coyotes – they are thrown into fenced enclosures with numerous dogs and left to defend themselves.

Supporters of penning claim the practice is necessary to maintain conditioning in hunting dogs during the off season, and that the bait animals used stand a fair chance. Jeff Altman with the Animal Defense Fund disagrees. In an interview with 6News he said, “The pen operators will tell you the coyotes and foxes have the ability to get out and get away from the dogs, but in practice, they don’t. Oftentimes, they are ripped to shreds by the dogs. ”

The Animal Legal Defense Fund, Project Coyote and the Animal Welfare Institute requested that a judge shut down the state’s last known pen in Greene County. Lawrence Reuben represents the animal rights groups. “It is very important that we stop this,” he said. “It is critically important to the animals themselves, but also to the administration of state law.”

Want to weigh in on the matter? Comments will be accepted on the DNR’s website until May 18.

37 thoughts on “Animal Welfare Groups Sue State To Stop Live Bait Dog Training”

  1. I left tis message:

    Come on Indiana, Live Bait Dog Training makes your state look ignorant and uncaring. I’ve visited Indiana and enjoyed the beauty. I had no idea you still allowed this barbaric practice. Please stop it. Tell the hunters to get off of their asses and work their dogs. This is dog fighting with a twist.

    • I Live here and didn’t realize this was going on! I don’t think a lot of people do. Last year there was a find of dumped canine bodies. Later to be found out to be coyotes skinned. That was very disturbing. My Dad and his friends had hunting dogs. Never did they do anything like this. This is just disgusting and needs to be stopped, now!

  2. This looks like,smells like “dogfighting” to me. Because they are “hunting” dogs, does NOT mean they should be allowed or made to get into a pen to “reshen” up their hungting skills. IF these are the hunting dogs I have known about for years, they don’t forget what is natural to them. I sometimes feel that people such as these are as bad or worse than their fellow “human” beings who kill and maim others for “sport”. Hopeful Indiana can get the law passed and stop thie barbaric “training”

  3. I thought fox hunting in the UK was bad enough – this is far worse. Hunting dogs, in fact all dogs already have their inherited skills from birth. There is absolutely no need for this barbaric act. This is more a sick pleasure thrill for the humans involved. Shame on you. Stop this now.

  4. This is completely UNTHINKABLE … what is the difference between this and dog fighting? Nothing!! The hunting dogs have instinct and training ~ this is just sickening that they pen up these other wild animals and allow this to happen – Can’t believe this crap is allowed by a so-called civilized country!!


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