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Status of the Clan: A Different Kind of Rescue


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A fellow blogger, foster parent and staunch animal rights supporter broke my heart last week, and I’m compelled to share.

Out of respect for privacy I have changed enough details to preserve the anonymity of this wonderful soul, but after speaking with a number of mutual friends the decision was made to try to help – it’s the least we can do. Please read her most recent blog entry.

Status of the clan

Hello Folks,  I need to vent to someone without being judged or berated.

It has been one bumpy ride for us the past couple of years. Finances has stripped us of any and all comforts and we have been on a necessity only budget for two years now. The dogs are happy and healthy though they wish the treats and toys were provided more often. I make up for that by giving extra kisses, hugs and scratches.

I never cut back on the dogs care but I have let my own needs pass. There are a few medical issues that I have been postponing getting addressed until I can get the bills under control and a steady income rolling in. Needed maintenance on my vehicle has not been complete and because of that is no longer running. The soft top of my Jeep got vandalized and sliced up and with the heavy rains soaked the interior pretty bad. Not having an operational vehicle make life just a little more difficult for us but the dogs do not notice or at least they do not show/tell me.

Without a car there are no social dog park outings or our favorite hiking in the hills but they get daily walks around our neighborhood and on the weekends I make sure I walk them at least 45 minutes to an hour each separately. Cable has been long gone and we really don’t miss it. The DVD player died months ago and I haven’t been able to replace it. I figure I can watch the dogs for entertainment, they are very amusing.

I recently got a second job so I am working 7 days a week 70+ hours, and I can say I am exhausted. I don’t know how long I will be able to keep this up but my motivation is the dogs need me and I cannot let them down. I am desperately in need of getting Prince and Jester into some obedience classes to deal with their leash aggression. I have been able to get them to come a long way but I am to a point where I need an experts help. And Belle is in desperate need of agility training to re-direct her excessive energy and prey drive into something positive.

It is true four dogs is a lot and I am in way over my head, I admit it. But when I made the commitment to take care of the fosters I knew that meant until we can find a proper forever home for them and I stand by that commitment. That home may never come and they could possibly be with me forever. I am ok with that as long as I can keep up their medical and food costs. I will give up food for myself before I cut back on the needs of these dogs. Crazy? Possibly!

I don’t have a lot to give society, I am not highly educated and do not have money to give back to those who are without, I can however foster and rehabilitate the abused and difficult dogs that society wants destroyed. I can help society by save a dog or two from death. I know most people out there feel that is a pathetic contribution but it is all I’ve got to give. That is my mediocre contribution to society.

I know the dogs that I can save do not look at it as mediocre but everyone around me does, and they tell me every chance they get! “They are only dogs.”, “You need to get rid of those dogs.”, “Those dogs are not any good for you.”, “Those dogs are the reason you are in such a financial shithole.”, “Those dogs are the reason why you are single, no man wants a lady with so many dogs.”. But what they don’t understand is that those dogs bring a smile to my face each and every day, whereas the people berating me do not ever bring me to smile.

Without me those dogs don’t have anywhere to go, really. Rescues are maxed out and we have to turn away wonderful dogs daily left to die in high kill shelters all over California. Belle was so tortured by three little boys and so fearful she snaps and tries to bit the nearest thing or person, hence her surrender to rescue. She had a complete breakdown at the rescue when the family dumped her and in her first foster home she was attacked by another dog, hence why she came to my home. There just are not enough good foster homes.

I am beside myself and scared about what the future is going to throw at us next. I am not certain I can handle much more. Please I am asking for prayers, pray for us that we will make it through this storm in one piece and together as a family. Pray for us please, that is all I am asking for. Pray for understanding by those that surround us as they constant barrage of negativity is just killing me spiritually.

Thank you for listening to my rant regarding my pathetic little life.

Many of us know and love this ardent dog supporter and decent human being, and we’ve collectively decided to start a chipin campaign to try to help. While we are always focused on dogs and dog rescues, it’s easy to forget that there is a human behind all of these great stories, and one of them has fallen on incredibly hard times through no fault of her own. Please consider sharing or donating, and resist the temptaion to be cynical – should anyone doubt where these funds are headed I can have dozens of her friends jump in and confirm.

This is simply an act of love, offered for an amazing person who would do the same for any of us in the same situation.