Annoyed Dog Cleverly Tricks Her Sister


Siblings – when one has something cool, the other one always wants it.  Indy figured out a way to get her annoying little sister Boo to keep her teeth off her favorite bone.




“Indy being the gentle giant with boo, who wanted every toy that Indy was playing with. So Indy plays the old bait and switch,” Justin Tokarsky said.

“Please excuse the awkward leg in the shot, I didn’t want to move, distract them, and have them stop being cute!”


23 thoughts on “Annoyed Dog Cleverly Tricks Her Sister”

  1. It looks as though someone has groomed a Corgi more than once. I was surprised that it was the larger dog that did the bait and switch since I had Corgi littermates who were little aces at the same thing.


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