Anonymous Tip Brings Puppy Mill Closure and Arrests

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160 dogs have been rescued from a puppy mill in Brunswick County, NC. After an anonymous tip, the Sheriff’s department teamed up with the SPCA and the Humane Society, to conduct the raid and rescue the animals. “Personally I’ve never seen anything quite like this,” Sheriff John Ingram said. “The inside of the residences and behind the residence are some of the worst conditions I’ve ever experienced on anything I’ve ever been on.”

It is reported that the animals were packed into cages where they had no human contact, hardly any food or water, and were laying in their own waste. The animals were seized, where they have been taken to numerous different shelters. The owners of the property have been arrested, and face multiple counts of animal cruelty charges.

All the dogs are small breeds, such as pugs, terriers, and poodles, and the majority of them are terrified of people. All the dogs are being treated for their physical injuries, but their emotional injuries will take longer to heal. Some of the dogs are being placed with fosterers until they are fully socialized and ready to be rehomed.

5 thoughts on “Anonymous Tip Brings Puppy Mill Closure and Arrests”

  1. I wish this worked in MA. I sent in a few tips about a puppy mill that someone is running in their garage a few houses down from my best friends house. Her husband brought them back one of their adult dogs because it was running loose in their yard and the thought it had gotten out of the house and they were looking for it. Nope they let it run loose on purpose and didn’t even care. But when he was at their house the garage was open and their where dogs in little cages all lined up and he said the smell was horrible. And of course we can’t get anyone to do anything. It makes me sick

  2. Paige- I’m in MA and I called animal control to go and look at a house with emaciated animals and they went and then checked back in 6 months to make sure the situation had changed. They are obligated to investigate every call….you need to call them.

    • Six months check? Dear God! The animals should have been seized when animal control first visited, or wasn’t it bad enough?


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