Archer the Rambunctious Dog Needs A Home

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Rescue organizations exists to help save animals, giving them second, third and fourth chances when animal control facilities and irresponsible pet owners turn their backs on the pets. However, many times these additional chances require costly training and socialization sessions, and after a while, rescue organizations with limited funds need to make a difficult choice between allocating their resources to socialize a difficult to adopt but healthy dog, or use their small budgets helping adoptable but injured pets.

This is the dilemma Canadian Manitoba Mutts Dog Rescue currently faces with their dog Archer.

Photo Credit: Adriana Mingo
Photo Credit: Adriana Mingo

Archer is a one-year-old healthy dog with a lot of behavioral issues. He has spent two months in foster care and currently receives training and socialization classes. To rehabilitate and take care of Archer, it costs the organization $60 a day. If he is not adopted soon, the organization will have to consider euthanasia and reallocate their funds into saving other pets.

“He’s just a bull in a china shop,” Colleen Halloway, manager of public relations and marketing told Metro News.

Dog trainer Sammy Mar with SMART Dogs believes Archer was previously neglected and poorly socialized. Mar has spent two weeks training him and Archer now follows basic commands like sit and stay, yet there is little interest from the Manitoba community to adopt this “difficult” dog.

“We never want to look at euthanasia as an option ever, but at a certain point we’re getting put in a corner that we can’t get out of,” said Halloway.

Archer has less than ten days to find his forever family or a sponsor willing to cover his cost until he finds his home.

The ideal home for this dog is one with no children, cats or small dogs. Archer gets along well with larger dogs that can handle a rambunctious dog like himself.

“We sincerely want to save his life. We aren’t made of money, and we are calling on a larger community to help us save Archer,” said Halloway.

If interested in helping Archer, please email [email protected].