Help Is Needed to Bring These Missing Dogs Home

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Hundreds of pets go missing every day in the US.  Owners make fliers and hang them up in their towns and post them on various online sources.  With so many fans around the world, we’d like to be one of those sources to give people the best chance of getting their pet home.


12.4.14 - Missing Dogs1



12.4.14 - Missing Dogs2



12.4.14 - Missing Dogs3



12.4.14 - Missing Dogs4



12.4.14 - Missing Dogs5



12.4.14 - Missing Dogs6



12.4.14 - Missing Dogs7



12.4.14 - Missing Dogs8



12.4.14 - Missing Dogs9



12.4.14 - Missing Dogs 1



12.4.14 - Missing Dogs10



12.4.14 - Missing Dogs11



12.4.14 - Missing Dogs12



12.4.14 - Missing Dogs13



12.4.14 - Missing Dogs14



12.4.14 - Missing Dogs15



12.4.14 - Missing Dogs16



12.4.14 - Missing Dogs17



12.4.14 - Missing Dogs18



12.4.14 - Missing Dogs19



If your dog or cat is missing, please email me at [email protected].  Type “LOST” in the subject, and attach a flier (preferably a jpg) that says “Lost” or “Stolen” at the top, includes a clear photo (or two – face and full body) of your pet, their name (and nicknames), where they are missing from and/or were last seen, the date they went missing, any distinguishable features (unique markings, a limp, a scar, etc.), and a contact phone number or email address.

If you have found a dog or cat, get a good photo or two of them, then make a flier that says “Found” at the top, and below the photo include your contact information, basic location, and date the animal was found.  Email the flier (preferably in jpg format) to [email protected] with “FOUND” in the subject.

Together we can help get dearly loved animals back where they belong.  Please share this message with others so they will know to come here for help.


22 thoughts on “Help Is Needed to Bring These Missing Dogs Home”

  1. God bless all these babies. This is so sad. If you have either one of then please call the number. They have got to be missing their families.

    • Hi Deb,

      Which 2 dogs are you talking about at the Animal rescue of finger lakes??? Can you put the link up for fingers lake Animal rescue???

      Betty Ann


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