Argentina’s Street Dogs Become Unlikely Crime Stoppers

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We know that dogs can sense things like thunderstorms and earthquakes before these happen. We also know that man’s best friend is always looking out for his human. Dogs want to protect us from danger and even homeless dogs that unfortunately don’t have a human to call their own are willing to protect anyone who needs protecting.

130702-street-dogsIn Salta, Argentina, a 12-year-old girl was saved from becoming another victim of rape. The unlikely heroes were a group of street dogs that were close by when the girl was attacked.

According to Argentinean news reports, the young girl was on her way to visit her aunt in the Roberto Romero neighborhood when she was approached by an older man. It was 9:30 a.m. on June 23, when the attack happened.

The girl was walking across an empty lot when the attacker approached her. He covered her mouth and dragged her to an isolated area. The child screamed and cried out for help, but the only ones close enough to hear her were a pack of street dogs.

The screams alerted the dogs and they charged towards the man to attack him. While the dogs bit the aggressor, the girl was able to escape and seek shelter in a nearby home.

The owners of the house immediately called police and the girl’s family. Some other neighbors went out in an attempt to locate the attacker but unfortunately they never found him.

No one knows who the hero street dogs are or what happened to them after they stopped the crime, all we know is that thanks to them, the innocent girl was saved.