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Argentinean Firefighters Rescue Dog Trapped in Mud

by Katherine

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On October 19, 2013, firefighters from Carlos Paz, Argentina, came to the rescue of a black dog trapped in the man-mad lake, San Roque, after neighbors called authorities to report the pet in need.

Most of the lake had dried out but in the middle there was a small water reservoir. The lake’s bottom and surrounding areas had turned into a dense mud where the dog became stuck from its back legs up to its torso.

Photo Credit: Carlos Paz Vivo
Photo Credit: Carlos Paz Vivo


It is believed the dog was searching for food or water when it became trapped.

Firefighters had a difficult time reaching the dog. They were also getting stuck in the mud but fortunately they were able to bring the dog to safety after a various rescue attempts.

Once on dry firm land, firefighters washed the dog and planned to take him back to the firehouse until the dog’s owner came to claim him. If no one claimed the dog, the heroes planned to find him a foster family. Unfortunately the dog got loose, ran away, and firefighters did not see the dog again.

Photo Credit: Carlos Paz Vivo
Photo Credit: Carlos Paz Vivo


We are glad the hero firefighters came to the rescue of this innocent pet. We only hope the dog found its way home or was rescued by someone else.

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