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Argo Is the Little Ball of Energy Who Would Be PERFECT for the Human On-The-Go!

by Fred

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6.20.17 Argo1


Meet our buddy, Argo.  Argo is a little ball of energy who would be an absolutely perfect addition to an active family or person who is always on the go.  Argo seemingly never runs out of energy, and is totally fine with doing the basics like errands and such, but what he truly loves is a chance to play with either his humans or other dogs, also.


6.20.17 Argo2


According to the Franklin County Dog Shelter, where Argo is currently staying, “Action” is Argo’s middle name.  All anyone needs to do is shout, “let’s GO!” and he’s off to the races.  He loves toys of all kinds, like Kongs, Frisbees and squeaky toys.  However, Argo is not at all above taking advantage of the more simply toys available, like sticks and such.

Argo would do best in a home with older kids, and absolutely no cats, please.  Argo’s prey drive is simply too high for that, and most cats do not get along with him very well.  As mentioned, he’s good with other dogs, but as usual, a slow introduction is always the best way to go.


6.20.17 Argo3


Argo is about four-and-a-half years old, and is a big boy weighing in at almost 77 pounds.  He’s neutered, and will be completely up-to-date on all of his shots when he’s adopted out.  As mentioned, he’s currently staying with our friends at the Franklin County Dog Shelter in Columbus, Ohio.  If you’d like to see their website, click here.  To see their Facebook page, click here.