Argus and Fiona’s Killer Found Guilty

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argusEarlier this year we brought you the tragic story of Argus and Fiona, two Bernese Mountain dogs that were shot and killed by their neighbor. Justice has been served as Gabriel Pilotti has been found guilty on two counts of cruelty to animals.

In February, two-year-old Argus and one-year-old Fiona escaped from the Bock family’s fenced in yard in Chester Springs, Pennsylvania. The two wandered onto 73-year-old Gabriel Pilotti’s property where they were friendly and non-threatening. Despite the fact that they were causing no harm or threat Pilotti pulled out a gun and shot Argus as he trotted towards Pilotti. After Argus was shot Fiona began to retreat but Pilotti still shot at and killed her.

Argus and Fiona had only been out of their yard for 15 minutes before they were shot and killed. The Bock family and their five young children were devastated. The community was outraged by Pilotti’s actions and as word spread of the tragedy animal lovers from all over the nation were demanding justice for the two dogs.

A jury deliberated for three and half hours before finding Pilotti guilty on the two counts of cruelty towards animals. His sentencing is set for October 28thand Pilotti could face up to five years in prison.

18 thoughts on “Argus and Fiona’s Killer Found Guilty”

  1. Wow…I can’t believe what I am reading here. Yes, this crime is despicable and needs to be punished but your comments are just disgusting. You are just as sick (or possibly more so) as the person that did it.

    • Bollocks, the cunt deserves all that is coming his way, and more…
      He is a cold-blooded, evil murdering bastard, he knew where those to pups lived, he chose to murder them..

      I hope he dies a poor, lonely and destitute death.

      I am one of the few, who if you ever hurt my dogs, who are my family, I would hunt you down and hurt you right back, 10 fold.

  2. I feel for the family. But the sickness and hate shown by many of the comments here saddens me knowing there are so many hateful people walking our streets.

    • Really? But a murdering bastard who executed two innocent dogs doesn’t sicken you? Anyone who feels ANY sympathy for this murderer sickens ME!!

  3. I think its a good thing that he is guillty and faciing prison time but I worry that the operative word is COULD.

    Who knows what the judge will do? The skank who starved the very celebrated Patrick got NO prison time at all. So lets keep paws & fingers crossed that the judge gives him the maximum though I have a bad feeling he wont.

    I hope the owners sue the SOB for all hes worth too. He deserves to lose his home for this!

  4. Hang the bastard !

    I too wish him a world of pain and suffering.

    He deserves every bit of “hell on earth” that comes his way, the evil cunt.


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