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Arkansas Puppy Mill Raid Rescues 295 Dogs

by Fred

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Thanks to a call into the puppy mill tip line for the Humane Society of Arkansas, 295 puppies were rescued from what was described as a horrific living situation.  For some of the rescue workers, it was one of the worst they’ve ever seen.  However, they are grateful that they were able to get the dogs out of harm’s way.

Some of the dogs removed from the property were suffering from untreated medical conditions.  The property owner was charged with animal cruelty, and after the investigation into the person is finished, they may face even more charges.


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Now that the dogs have been moved to safety, the long and sometimes difficult process of evaluating all of the dogs can begin.  The Humane Society needed help with the massive load of puppies, so they used what they call the Humane Society Emergency Placement Partners network.

The Great Plains SPCA in Independence, Missouri stepped up to take 51 of the puppies in.  They take care of feeding, housing and any medical treatment they’ll need.  Of course after all of that is taken care of and the dogs are healthy enough, the adoption process will begin, and hopefully many if not all of the dogs will be adopted out to the loving forever home that they deserve so much.


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