Woman That Stepped Between Dog and Cop About to Shoot Acquitted

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A woman from West Virginia has been acquitted on the obstruction of justice charges she was facing for trying to step in between a dog and the police officer who was about to shoot him.  Tiffanie Hupp was arrested for her efforts, and State Trooper Seth Cook claimed that he was just doing as he was trained.

Cook claims that West Virginia state troopers are all trained to kill any dog that approaches them in the course of their duty.  It doesn’t matter if the dog is aggressive or charging, or chained up with a wagging tail, like Buddy was on the day the incident took place.

The police hadn’t even been called to Hupp’s family’s property for anything that had to do with a dog.  They were called in to respond to a heated dispute between her father-in-law and a neighbor.  Also, it was Hupp’s family who called the police in the first place.

When Cook arrived on the scene, he went over to talk to the neighbors first.  After he was finished, he walked over to Hupp’s property and that’s when Buddy started walking to him.  Then the trooper pulled his gun on Buddy and was about to fire before Hupp stepped in between them, stopping the officer from shooting.

Hupp’s husband, Ryan Hupp, was filming the incident as soon as the officer stepped on to their property.  According to Hupp, her husband is all too familiar with issues of police brutality, and wanted to document the officer’s actions.  If he hadn’t, there wouldn’t have been any evidence of the incident at all.

“If it wasn’t for him recording, there’d be nothing,” Hupp said.  “He knew about police brutality before I did.  But that’s why the camera is shaking, because of the adrenaline.  When they read those words ‘not guilty’, we were relieved.  It’s hard to describe the feeling unless it’s actually happening to you.  Justice is good, though.”

After stepping between the officer and the dog, Hupp was arrested.  She was put in a patrol car, and that’s not all the officer did that was a little questionable.

“After he put me in the patrol car and arrested me, he just walks up the trailer and up to the phones and, whatever devices were on chargers, he took them,” she said.  “He took my husband’s phone, he took my phone, he took my sister-in-law’s and my son’s tablet.  And we don’t use those phones or tablets anymore.  If my phone leaves my hands and goes into the hands of a cop, I kinda don’t trust that.  Without that video, it’s just my word against a state trooper.  Nobody is going to believe my word over law enforcement.”

It took almost a month of constantly calling the police department to get their devices back.  At first, they were refusing to return any of the devices unless Hupp or her husband gave up the password protection on their phones.  This would have allowed them to search the phones without a warrant, something they are not allowed to do.

At the trial, Cook was the only one to testify on his own behalf.  He claimed that Hupp had a crossbow in her hands, and also raised her hand up to Cook during the incident.  Hupp’s attorneys had a few witnesses to bring, but really only needed to show the phone video of what happened.  At no time does Hupp have any weapons on her person, nor does she make any threatening gestures toward the officer at all.  The whole trial took six hours, and at the end of it all Hupp was acquitted.

Part one of this for Hupp and her family is over, but now they are working to file a civil lawsuit against the state troopers.  They’re working on getting a lawyer to help them with their situation.  Stay tuned to Life With Dogs for more information as it’s released.



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676 thoughts on “Woman That Stepped Between Dog and Cop About to Shoot Acquitted”

  1. This officer needs to be charged with perjury, theft for taking their personal items and trespassing for entering the home without a warrant.

    I so hope the civil suit includes the officer personally and he is taken to the cleaners.

    This is NOT protecting and serving. This is flat out police state tactics and they must stop!!!!

  2. WTF — The police officer should use just a little bit of common since as not everthing can be trained and some things are just human!!!!

  3. This is why everyone – white, black, hispanic – hates pigs. Pigs are nothing but welfare queens, collecting their government checks all the while harassing law-abiding citizens because they’re too scared to go after real criminals.

    Hey pigs, if you think everyone hates you these days, you’re 100% right.

  4. I love most all law enforcers. But, like everything else, there is always a bad apple in the bunch.
    Thank the good Lord that she stepped in and saved her sweet dog that was calmly greeting that officer with good ole southern hospitality.

    Now, it is time for some community service for the officer…supervised by a court appointed animal expert. Cleaning kennels for weeks in needy animal shelters in their community.

  5. Wow. Cops who blatantly lie to justify bad policing are the small minority of criminals with badges…. and to go as far as to lie while testifying?

  6. This cop is a piece of S(HIT and should be flushed down the toilet where he belongs, and if it’s true that virginia state cops are trained to kill Dogs no matter what, then they should be flushed down the toilet too! This article just makes me Hate pigs even more. I hope her and her family win this lawsuit, bankrupt the police department and Fire them And jail them all. PIGS!

  7. This cop like many cops is an asshole. There are no honest cops. Just scumbag cops like this guy. And it doesn’t matter where one lives. They are all the same. Most every cop in every state is no different than the criminals they lock up. All cops in my view are liars, manipulating scum, and W Virginia needs an overhaul of their department of idiots. Cops are gangsters with a license to carry a gun. Pathetic individuals with no brains.


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