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Arnie, a Dog with an Expensive Appetite, Robs Owner of $275


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Arnie, the Beagle with an Appetite for Cash

Arnie, a lovable 10-year-old Beagle, has developed a healthy appetite for cold, hard cash.

Corey O’Kelley, Arnie’s owner, described his discovery of the evidence. “I saw there was a 20 and a five. The five had been chewed on a little bit, and so, I didn’t think much of it. I figured my wife had a few bucks in her wallet.

It appears that sometime during the night, Arnie had snatched O’Kelley’s wife’s purse off of the kitchen counter in search of the perfect midnight snack.

“[My wife] came flying out of the bedroom saying, ‘Oh no! Oh no!’” O’Kelley recalled.

After examining the remains of her purse, the couple realized that Arnie had eaten all of the $300 that O’Kelley’s father-in-law had given them for their daughter’s swim lessons…except for what remained of a 20 and a ripped up five.

This is not the first offense for the endearing Beagle. Seven years ago, Arnie devoured a hundred dollar bill. The O’Kelleys were lucky that time – the bill made it back to them in one piece.

Chances are slim, however, that they will recover all of the bills from Arnie’s most recent theft. It appears that he systematically tore every single bill apart before swallowing it.

For what they are able to recover, their money-laundering efforts may pay off. Some banks will trade in the money if the serial numbers are clearly legible.