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Rescuers of Missy, the Dog Stranded on a Colorado Mountain, Make an Appearance on the Ellen Show


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The group of strangers who banded together to rescue Missy, the German shepherd/Rottweiler mix that was stranded by her owner on a Colorado mountain, made an appearance on the Ellen Show.

Anthony Ortolani, Missy’s owner, abandoned her on the mountaintop when bad weather started to move in. Missy’s feet had become injured from hiking on the rough terrain leaving her unable to walk, and his attempts to carry her to safety were unsuccessful. Ortolani contacted the Clear Creek County Sheriff’s office after his descent down the mountain, but was told it was too dangerous for an animal rescue.

After enduring 8 days on the mountain alone, Missy (now renamed “Lucky”) was finally spotted by Scott Washburn and his wife at 13,000 feet in an area between Mount Bierstadt and Mount Evans. Unable to bring the injured and severely dehydrated dog to safety themselves, they posted a plea for help on a hiking forum upon returning home.

In response to their post, a group of experienced hikers who were otherwise strangers banded together and braved a snowstorm to bring Missy to safety.

This week, the rescuers met with a standing ovation during their appearance on the Ellen Show.

Since her rescue, Missy has been in a local shelter as the case against Ortolani is ongoing. She has healed from her injuries and has regained her sparkling personality.

One of the rescuers who helped carry her to safety is planning to adopt Missy.

Ortolani will be in court next month after a plea deal has been worked out. He will plead guilty to a minor violation of a Clear Creek County ordinance, and the charge of animal abuse will be dropped.

Missy, Safe in the Hands of Her Rescuers