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Assistance Dog Helps Disabled New Mother Take Care Of Her Baby


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orcaAssistant dogs help in so many different ways. The many tasks they are trained to do is remarkable. For one woman her service dog not only helps her but her four-month-old baby, by helping with motherly tasks like changing diapers.

Cheryl Alexander suffers from a nerve disease called Reflex Neurovascular Dystrophy. The disease limits her movements severely. “Due to the pain at times it’s impossible to bend down or do the simplest tasks,” said Alexander. That’s where her trained assistance dog Orca steps in to help.

With the birth of Alexander’s daughter Lily Orca has stepped up to help with all new tasks. When Alexander’s husband is at work Orca is there to help with tasks around the house, from washing to helping Alexander go shopping. With Lily now here, Orca has learned to help with changing diapers too. “I call him mother’s little helper,” said Alexander. “He’s a wonder dog.”