At Home With Buddy, Alaskan Hero Dog

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Ben Heinrich’s German Shepherd, Buddy, made huge headlines last year when he guided a police cruiser to his burning home.

Now, we get a closer look at the four legged hero and his admiring guardian, who tells us that all he had to do was say “Go get help.” Buddy was listening, and a world of dog lovers were amazed and inspired by what happened next.

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21 thoughts on “At Home With Buddy, Alaskan Hero Dog”

  1. My husband was watching Nat Geo the other night about AK State Troopers and this story (though I didn’t catch the names in the segment) was on the show.

  2. I don’t understand people that think dogs, or any animals, are stupid. Buddy is probably smarter than the majority of our politicians. <3 this dog!!!

  3. I remember reading about this when it happened. It’s great to have a follow-up. Buddy is all a GSD is supposed to be – smart, loyal and able to think on his own. He knew just what to do! Wonderful!


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