Family Adopts Fallen Soldier’s Dog

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Army Staff Sergeant and dog handler James Ide the Fifth, 32, was killed in action in Afghanistan in August.

At the time of his death, his dog, Daphne was at his side, and his family requested permission to adopt her shortly thereafter. Their wish became reality last week in an emotional ceremony that saw the Belgian Malinois offered to the family in honor of their son’s sacrifice.

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30 thoughts on “Family Adopts Fallen Soldier’s Dog”

  1. What I don’t understand is why it took from August until NOW for the family to get the dog?!?!?! Also, was it driving anyone else crazy that he couldn’t pronounce the dogs name correctly lol.

    • So glad you commented on that! Every time he said the name incorrectly I cringed. It’s not like it’s that difficult to pronounce! A heartwarming story, though.

    • Yes! Was someone going to mention this to him AFTER his report? However, I agree that it was a wonderful and very heartwarming story.

    • referring to pronouncing the name : yes my god don’t they go over their notes before they read on camera !!! how stupid, & an insult to the soldier & dog !


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