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Australian Firefighters Make Charity Calendar with Adoptable Rescue Puppies

by Fred

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4.21.16 - firefighters5


Some firefighters from Australia have been doing a charity calendar since 1993.  Every year they make a new one with a different theme, and all of the proceeds go to Children’s Hospital Foundation and the Westmead Children’s Hospital Burns Unit.  The photos in this collection are taken from the new 2017 line up, and this year, they went with rescue puppies.


4.21.16 - firefighters3


This year, along with their regular donations, they be making an additional donation to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.  All of the dogs featured are rescue puppies, and all are available for adoption.


4.21.16 - firefighters6



4.21.16 - firefighters7



4.21.16 - firefighters2



4.21.16 - firefighters4