Australian Shepherd Saves Puppies Left to Die

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1.21.15 - Dog Saves Puppies Left to Die2


An Australian shepherd out on a walk with its humans came across a tied bag containing three five-week-old puppies.  Had they not been discovered that night, they would have suffocated, but now they will have a chance to live long and happy lives.

The dog owners were walking in Paso Nogal Park in Pleasant Hill, California on Monday evening when their dog became preoccupied with a box near the garbage.  Inside the box, the couple found a closed bag of terrier puppies.

The couple brought the puppies home, bathed and fed them, and brought them to animal services.

“It’s not often that we find animals that are this cruelly abandoned,” said Rick Golphin, deputy director of Contra Costa Animal Services.  “The puppies would have most likely not survived had they not been found that evening.”


1.21.15 - Dog Saves Puppies Left to Die1


“We see a lot of animal abandonment, but seeing cruelty of this type is pretty rare,” he continued.  “The big takeaway from this is to get your animals spayed or neutered.”

The little dogs have been medically evaluated and were given a clean bill of health.

“There is a possibility that they may be fostered or transferred to a rescue group because of how young they are,” Golphin said.

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