Debbie Jacobs

I am a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and hold additional certification in Kay Laurence's Clicker Assessment Program, level 2. I am completely and unapologetically obsessed with learning about the most effective and humane ways to help dogs with fear based behavior problems. I offer seminars and consultations for pet owners and dog professionals on fear in dogs. I created the website to aid people in finding information about working with fearful dogs and wrote the book I wished someone had given me when an extremely compromised, fearful dog landed in my life, A Guide To Living With & Training A Fearful Dog. I live in southern Vermont with my husband, a Spanish teacher extraordinaire and our 4 dogs (plus a guest or foster, or two, or three, or.....). Over the years I have run an adventure travel business, worked as a mountain and river guide, but through it all my attention was always drawn away by dogs I've met along the way. I started a rehoming project at our local shelter bringing street dogs from Puerto Rico to the chillier climes of Vermont, and have helped with onsite missions to remove dogs from situations of abuse or neglect.

Poor Puppy

The sooner a dog with fear based behavior challenges is handled properly, the better their chance of learning skills to feel comfortable and safe in their world.