Baby Laughs Hysterically While Playing With Dog

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Babies’ laughs can be so contagious. Watch this video as the baby teases the dog with his bath toys and just finds it hysterical.

2 thoughts on “Baby Laughs Hysterically While Playing With Dog”

  1. If I could watch these ALL day, I’d be guaranteed a good night’s sleep. What a lovely set of videos. The animals don’t even care if those babies are a different species, they just want to take care of, groom, and be protective of, those innocent little beings who don’t have any fur. Absolutely delightful interlude and I’m SO glad I took the time to watch.

  2. It’s really funny until the dog grabs for the toy and accidentally scratches the baby with its teeth … then they’ll probably take the dog to the shelter. It is teaching the dog to grab for stuff and nip.


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