Rescue Group Saves the Life of Dog Used as Bait for Fighting

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1.3.15 - Rescue Group Saves the Life of Dog Used as Bait for Fighting1

A rescue group from Central Florida was alerted to a dog that had been mercilessly dumped in a field so beaten up and bloody, it was almost impossible to tell if the dog was actually still alive or not.  After an exhaustive rescue effort, this dog thought to once have been used as bait for a dog fighting ring, now has a second chance at life.

The dog’s original name was Jonah, and when he arrived at the vet clinic he was brought to, medical staff knew time was of the essence.  He was immediately admitted, and they performing the emergency surgery needed to save his life at once.

After the surgeries were complete, Jonah, or as he is known now, Champion, hung around the animal hospital to kind of recuperate and be a bit more closely monitored for any complications that may have shown up post-surgery.

Once medical staff was satisfied that he was mostly out of the woods so to speak, he was then sent on to Me and My Shadow Dog Rescue.  That’s where he met up with the rescue group president Julie Galante, who gave him his seemingly better fitting name of Champion.  Julie believes that after everything he went through being a bait dog and surviving and still having a sweet even if timid disposition, that more than qualifies him for his new title.

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189 thoughts on “Rescue Group Saves the Life of Dog Used as Bait for Fighting”

  1. Anyone that will abuse and mistreat an animal will do the same to a human . These people involved in dog fighting should be jailed and never released. You have to be evil to do this to one of gods creatures. When I view the evil that seems to be increasing in our world , I am greatly concerned for the fate of mankind since so many are ready to excuse this evil and tolerate it.

  2. ugh this breaks my heart that people do this to these beautiful animals thank god hes okay as for pieces of shit people who do this they will pay for it in time.

  3. Truly, what is wrong with so many people? So much hate and abuse. God bless this doggie and all the other helpless creatures at our mercy to love and care for them. Prayers that our world can become a kinder and loving place to be for “us all.”


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