Baltimore Animal Control Saves the Life of a Badly Abused Puppy

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4.25.16 - Animal Control Saves the Life of a Badly Abused Puppy1


For the first time in maybe her entire short life, Robin is feeling loved.  But she very nearly died.  She was left tied down in a backyard, her muzzle and legs bound with rope.  She was emaciated and dehydrated.  She has a long way to go, but because of her heroes at Baltimore County Animal Control and BARCS, she now has a chance at a full and happy life.


This comes from BARCS, an absolutely fabulous rescue group in Baltimore:


It’s hard to write these animals’ stories without putting ourselves in their situation, humanizing their feelings, thought process… their terror. We see a lot of difficult things at BARCS — tragic cases of abuse and neglect, right at the hands of our neighbors here in Baltimore. It never gets easier, and today is especially hard. This is Robin; she is only six months old.

Robin was seized by Baltimore City Animal Control from a backyard, where she was tied down. Her extremely painful, swollen face is the result of rope being tightly tied around her muzzle for a significant amount of time. It was embedded in her skin, leaving painful open wounds on her face. Because she could not open her mouth, Robin was unable to eat or drink water for an undetermined amount of time — she was dehydrated and is emaciated. The inside of her mouth has large, gaping wounds, dead tissue and painful infection. When she yawned, she yelped in pain. Her feet are also swollen, leading our medical team to believe that they too were tied together in recent history.

Animal Control brought her immediately to BARCS, where she was examined by our staff veterinarians and rushed to one of our Franky Fund partner clinics for round-the-clock emergency care. She is now at the foster home of one of our amazing BARCS staff members, who is caring for her and keeping her comfortable while we come up with an extensive treatment plan to save as much of her facial tissue as possible.

Because of the dead tissue and extreme infection in her muzzle, Robin is going to need multiple surgeries and MANY veterinary appointments. It is possible that she will need reconstructive surgery and may lose part of her lips in the process. That is why getting her healthy is going to be very costly for our shelter.

Robin, sweet girl, you are not trash. You are a beautiful soul, who deserves the world and more, and we promise you nothing short of that for the rest of your days. There are humans who will treat you as family, and keep your needs close to their heart. Once you are fully healed, we are going to find them for you. Thank you for trusting us in, what will be, a long journey to getting you healthy.

Robin has seen the worst of our city, but we here at BARCS along with our friends at Animal Control — who have an open investigation on this case — are determined to show her the best. Her care is going to be expensive, and this is all happening as “kitten season” begins, a time of year where our shelter is VERY tight on money and resources. If you are able, please help us pay for Robin’s care by making a donation to the Franky Fund:

Thank you, as always, for helping us save dogs like Robin, so that she may live to understand real love.



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