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Barkfest 2015 – THE Best Party of the Year

by Melanie

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Coachella, smoachella – who cares when there’s Barkfest?  This was the second annual of what will hopefully be a longstanding tradition of Barkbox’s gigantic party for dogs and their humans, which included such fun things as an agility course, a hot dog-eating competition, splash pools, and swag bags.


8.26.15 - Barkfest0


It’s strange that news of this awesome festival seems to just be hitting the circuits now, but what better day to learn about this than on National Dog Day?


8.26.15 - Barkfest5


Summer is short for those of us who live more than 40 degrees away from the Equator, and one of the best ways to make the most of it is by attending festivals for food, art, and music.  But paws down, the very best way has to be Barkfest, which has all of those things, and even better, dogs.


8.26.15 - Barkfest1


On July 19th, Barkbox hosted its second annual Barkfest in Brooklyn.  Lasting seven hours, there were tons of activities for both dogs and their humans.


8.26.15 - Barkfest13


There was a caricature artist…


8.26.15 - Barkfest12



A DJ to keep the party upbeat…



8.26.15 - Barkfest11


An agility course…


8.26.15 - Barkfest4


Pools…. LOTS of pools…


8.26.15 - Barkfest7


Food trucks…


8.26.15 - Barkfest2


A hot dog-eating chompetition…


8.26.15 - Barkfest6


Dog celebrities, like Marnie (who soared to social media fame because of a disorder that causes her head to tilt, making for some adorable pictures)…


8.26.15 - Barkfest9


Lots of fun photo ops…


8.26.15 - Barkfest10


A beer garden for the adults…


8.26.15 - Barkfest3


And even dog-friendly “fireworks!”


8.26.15 - Barkfest8


This event wasn’t just about having fun – it also had adoptable dogs and information about becoming a foster parent. But it was lots of fun for the thousands of people and dogs who attended, and hopefully next year will be even more successful.


8.26.15 - Barkfest15