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Battened Down


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We’ve been keeping an eye on the sky, and it’s getting ugly here, fast.

After this summer’s drought, a little rain would be welcome: gardens are starved for moisture, and those with shallow wells have been biting their nails and praying for showers. Those prayers have been answered many times over now that¬† Irene has arrived.

If you consider that we’re only 40 minutes from the border of Canada, it’s understandable that wind is not our primary concern – by the time hurricanes make their way this far north they’ve covered too much ground to retain the kind of punch that they pack over open water. That said, the rains that they bring can be a problem, and for the first time since moving here I’m concerned for our safety.

a typical sunday for life with dogs
A typical Sunday

Why? Because the river that you see us spend so much of our time in, around, or on is rising, and rising at an alarming pace. This morning, in front of our home that water was a foot deep. In three hours it rose by six feet, and it is only a few feet away from jumping its banks. Should it do so, we’ll be trapped here. Fortunately, the house is on higher ground and should be safe. But if we lose power and cell service those of you who keep tabs on us should know that we may find ourselves isolated and cut off for a day or two.

Should things go silent on the fan page, know that we still love you, and we’ll be back as soon as we can. It’s time to address other priorities as we prepare for what could be a very long night. Be safe wherever you are, stay dry if you can, and hug your dogs for us.