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Here’s Your Sign

by Shawn Finch, DVM

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Cut and paste the following two notes into a word document and monkey with them until you like how they look. You can even change the wording to fit what YOU would say. Make copies to keep in the car to use as needed.  I have signed my name to both because I trust your judgment.  If only the rest of the world were so trustworthy.  *sigh*

Copyright is totally lifted for this specific post – there are dogs to save, people!

The first note, Note to the Owner of a Dog in a Hot Car will fit four to a page and can be tucked under a windshield wiper so people will know why their dogs are gone when they get back.  It will also look nice with the ticket that will hopefully be tucked next to it.

The second note, Note to the Owner of a Dog in the Bed of a Truck can be made big enough to fill one page so you can hold it up as you drive past people with dogs unsecured in truck beds.

Be safe people!  But keep doing what you are doing to look out for our dog friends.  I think you are awesome.


Note to the Owner of a Dog in a Hot Car

Dear Shopper,

It is too hot to be in a closed environment, even with cracked windows.  A car is much like a greenhouse in that it is efficient at becoming very hot very quickly.

Your dog(s) are in immediate danger.

I have left you this note and called the police/animal control to come rescue your pet(s).

Please, please, please do not do this again.  This situation could have quickly become fatal.

Feel free to copy this note and leave it for the next pet in danger.


Dr. Finch and me

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Note to the Owner of a Dog in the Bed of a Truck

Put your dog in the cab.


Dr. Finch and me


May you never again have to scribble a note on a scrap piece of paper from under the car seat, and may you (someday) never even need to leave notes at all.

See full size image


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