BC SPCA Investigates Mass Dog Kill in Whistler

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The BC SPCA is referring to the killing of 100 Canadian dogs as an outright slaughter.

After a downturn in post-Olympic business, the owner of a dog sled tour operation in Whistler, BC has admitted to ordering the killing of 100 dogs. “Outdoor Adventures Whistler” is not offering a public statement regarding the matter, but did offer a correction after a worker stated he had killed 70 dogs: the company said he had actually killed 100. CKNW obtained Worksafe BC documents that say the employee has been granted compensation for developing post traumatic stress disorder after having to kill the dogs himself over a two day period.

The worker ordered to kill the dogs has not been named, but Lawyer Cory Steinberg says the employee “….ended up having to do it…I guess the only way to describe it was “near misses”. It wasn’t always a clean, one-shot kill. Inevitably he ended up seeing and having to put the end to some horrific scenes.” According to information contained in the BC Worksafe report, most dogs had to be shot more than once: some had their throats slashed before being thrown into a mass grave.

Marcy Moriarty, head of cruelty investigations at the BC SPCA says an investigation is underway, and officials are hoping to locate the mass grave referenced in the documents. Despite her profession and the horrors often witnessed, even Moriarty admitted to being shocked at the incident. “That description where he notes that one of the dogs he thought had been killed was crawling around in this mass grave…..honestly I had to put down the story then.”

Moriarty notes that there appear to have been breaches of the animal cruelty act in the cull, and said that criminal charges are a strong possibility.

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31 thoughts on “BC SPCA Investigates Mass Dog Kill in Whistler”

  1. I am fuming. I live about an hour from this place and had no idea they had killed the dogs. RIP you poor animals, the greed of mankind has cut your journey short.

  2. Absolutely disgusting. This person who “suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder” had a chance to do the right thing by them & seek help without the bloodshed. I hope his nightmares never go away. As for the person that ordered the slaughter, may he never be allowed to work with or own animals again. His business should now take a more permanent downturn. What is this world coming to?

  3. I keep thinking that I have read the most horrible story and yet another one is released that manages to expose an even worse atrocity than the one before. I am still reeling from the last story from Lansing, Michigan, in which a beautiful female brindle pittie mix was duck tapped and left for dead in the woods…. simply unspeakable and horrific…. and now this! How can this happen? How can they just dispose of these dogs as thought they were “things” left over from a business gone bad like used or outdated computers. We should not stand for this! There should be somewhere we can respond with floods of emails of outrage and try to put this guy in jail and make sure he never does business again. This hurts down to my soul!

    • 100 dogs!!!! I am trying to imagine 100 dogs lined up as far as the eye can see…..just to kill them!!! This is beyond anything I have ever read about animal cruelty. I am so angry and outraged. I will have a picture of this in my mind’s eye for weeks. I want to take that guy and………GRRRRRRR!!! I hope there is retribution for this guy! Please keep us informed as this story unfolds.

      • I have this atrocity ($*&%!!!) burned permanently on my heart and mind! “Shame on them” isn’t strong enough, the words that are, I won’t type. Only the devil/EVIL ENTITY would “turn” on his Loyal Dogs! My relatives raised Huskies, and they were (1970s) ALL GENTLE, LOVING, CARING (yes, CARING), GIVING, and worst of all as, in the case of the Beautiful Sled Dogs, TRUSTING.

        Trusting. Perhaps their only weakness 🙁

        kd–remembering Cheena & Pebbles especially :'(

  4. What is wrong with this country ? How can these so called people sleep at night ? What could posess any decent human being to do this ? Is greed and money all that matters any more ? These people are sick and no better than Michael Vick . I hope that ALL the people involved in this pay a very heavy price . Wake up BC , IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT YOU PROVINCE TO BE KNOWN FOR ?? Ever heard of adoption ??? Nothing less then killers ! Very sad


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