Wiener Dog Rescued from the Claws of a Raptor

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An elderly woman from Slaughter, LA is making headlines for saving her pet dachshund from a hungry hawk.

“He’s been in the trees and around our property,” said Pat Bringol, the dog’s owner. “He’s been around the neighborhood. Our neighbors have seen him. He’s even been on our carport. And, that’s…scary.”

Bringol’s powers of observation paid off last week when she let Hannah Marie out for an afternoon bathroom break. Within moments a dark shadow swept over the dog, and Bringol looked up to see the hawk struggling to fly off with the 10 pound dog in its talons. She immediately gave chase.

“I had to reach on my tippy-toes and grab her hind legs. And, it took everything I had to pull her. I said, ‘You’re not getting my dog!’ I was so mad I was shaking,” she explained.

She was able to wrestle Hannah from the predator’s clutches, but not before the dog’s favorite jacket took a beating. It now bears the scars of a very close call – three large gashes that remind the ever vigilant Bringol to keep a cautious eye on the sky.

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15 thoughts on “Wiener Dog Rescued from the Claws of a Raptor”

    • What is really happening is that humans are encroaching into wildlife territories and our habitats are now beginning to overlap. As we continue to move into their habitats squeezing them out they are forced to forage on whatever is available. Unfortunately, that may be our pets, but they (wildlife) are only doing what comes naturally. Please don’t be angry at them, they are only trying to survive and that is becoming more and more difficult for them as we continue to shrink their habitats by expanding ours. What we must do is be vigilant and keep and eye on our pets in areas where predators may be bigger than our “minnie” sized pets that may be just the right size for a meal. When we move into more remote locations we are moving into their territory and must accept the risks. I am happy that Pat was there to save Hannah Marie as I am sure that Hannah Marie was happy to see her mom staunchly fighting for her life. Because Pat was closely guarding her dog, knowing the hawk was nearby, she was able to act fast.

  1. My Thelma Lou (doxie) was reading this over my shoulder and is not hiding under the sofa, How terrifying for this lady and surely for her dog. We have large birds in our woods out back but I never imagined they would be a danger to my 2 small dogs or my cats. Certainly something to keep me more vigilant now. Thanks for posting.

  2. I’m glad the doggie is okay…but if she saw the hawk hovering, why did she let the dog out loose in the first place?

  3. I agree. I think if you have small dogs and live in a rural or semi-rural area it is kind of a fact of life that they will be viewed as prey by someone/thing. Glad her owner put up the good fight.

  4. I’m glad Hannah’s mommy put her coat on. Can you imagine what the hawks claws would have done to Hannah’s body? I shudder to think !


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