Bear Hug

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A bear cub named Lucky is seen playing with the Logar family dog in the central Slovenian village of Podvrh.

The family was surprised when the lone three-and-half-month-old cub wandered into their back yard over a month ago. The cub spends it’s days climbing trees in their yard and playing with their dog.

The Logars have indicated that they’d like to keep the bear and build an enclosure for it, but wildlife experts are urging them do turn it over to a shelter designed to rehabilitate wild animals.

8 thoughts on “Bear Hug”

  1. This is a tough one, since it is clear that the little cub may have been forced to leave his mother too soon and as a result, sought the company of a different species.

    As cute as this, it will be far better for the cub to be fostered by wildlife authorities and then when ready, released back into the wild. Cubs from most bear species stay with mom for an additional year after weaning to learn to forage and “be a bear.” For some unknown reason, this little guy seems to have been forced to leave too soon. But, it would also be unfair not to allow this little guy to live as nature intended.

    • I completely agree. As adorable and as heart warming that this photo is, the bear is still wild, still will have the wild instinct as it grows and will need more than a cage to live. I would definitely want to keep it but the smart and right thing to do is to give it to a shelter than can nuture it in the way that will help him be a strong bear in the wild.

  2. he needs to eventually be free to live his life as a happy bear…..not in a cage or enclosure. wild undomesticated animals do not make good pets and should never be forced to be a pet.

    • the cub needs to have the opportunity to live as a bear would live, not be put in some kind of enclosure.

  3. This is Slovania we’re talking about…Does anyone have any idea what they do to those poor animals over there?…That poor bear won’t make it to 2 years old….sad!!! Cute picture, disgusting country!!!


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