Being Dumped for a Baby Was the Best Thing That Could Have Happened to This Senior Dog

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Every day, people dump their pets at shelters for all sorts of selfish reasons – they got a new job, they’re moving, they had a baby.  Dogs are forever, and this is an insult to the devoted owners who are forced to give up their pets because they can truly no longer care for them, not because they’ve become an inconvenience.  But for Oreo, losing his family is giving him the best chance at a happy, healthy, and pain-free life.

This latest save comes from Rescue Dogs Rock NYC:

Twelve years old and dumped at the shelter because they had a baby?! We still can’t wrap our heads around the horrific condition this senior dog is in. Oreo has been suffering for many, many years to be in the shape he is in. How can anyone be so selfish is what we keep asking ourselves.




When we got the call asking to please help Oreo we had no idea that he was suffering this much. When we picked him up we were mortified how neglected he has been. His skin is infected and will need treatment but his mouth is a whole other story. You touch his gums and they just start bleeding! It’s no wonder he is so skinny. He can’t even eat!

Oreo is on his way to our vet right now. We will not let him suffer another day. This did not happen overnight! His gums are black and reek of infection. Our hearts are broken into pieces for him.




Please help us help Oreo. We don’t think he has ever known what love is and we intend to give him all the TLC he deserves now and all the medical he needs. Please help us by donating towards his care. Without you we can’t continue to save dogs like Oreo.

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