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Bereft Cat Dognaps a Disinterested Mother Dog’s Puppies

by Melanie

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Miss Kitty had a litter of kittens, but none of them survived, and she grew very lonely.  Not long afterwards, the family dog had puppies, but the mother didn’t want to care for them, so Miss Kitty stepped in, and one by one carried them back to her home.

Missy and Ryan Grant’s cat, Miss Kitty, had kittens on April 17th, 1993 underneath the trailer of one of their Seneca, South Carolina neighbors.  Sadly, they did not survive, leaving the feline mother feeling ever so lugubrious.  But as fate would have it, the Grants’ dog, Smoochie, had puppies shortly after.  (Not many folks were big into spaying and neutering back then…)


3.17.17 Bereft Cat Dognaps an Unfit Mother Dog’s Puppies3


For whatever reason, the cocker spaniel was uninterested in caring for her litter.  Perhaps knowing how miserable her life was being forced to live being chained to a doghouse, she would rather let them perish as puppies than have them destined to the same bleak future.  Or jeez, maybe it just wasn’t comfortable to lie down and nurse while chained up….


3.17.17 Bereft Cat Dognaps an Unfit Mother Dog’s Puppies5


In any event, Miss Kitty couldn’t ignore the hungry puppies’ cries, so she carried each puppy over to her den under the trailer.  Missy tried to get them away from her, but Miss Kitty refused to relinquish custody and bit her.  Eventually she was able to move the mixed family to a safer, more comfortable location.


3.17.17 Bereft Cat Dognaps an Unfit Mother Dog’s Puppies2


The Grants wanted Smoochie to raise her pups, and they thought that maybe if Miss Kitty had her own kittens again, she would be inclined to give them up.  So they contacted a news station and made an appeal for anyone with stray kittens to call them so they could be nursed by her.


3.17.17 Bereft Cat Dognaps an Unfit Mother Dog’s Puppies4


A man nearby had two kittens on his property, and they were given to Miss Kitty.  But instead of surrendering the puppies, she just added the kittens onto her family.  There was some concern that Miss Kitty wouldn’t be able to produce enough milk, and a vet recommended that the Grants make Smoochie lie down to nurse her own young.  She did, but that’s pretty much where the story ends.  We can only hope that all these critters went on to live the happiest lives possible.