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Fox Kit Says “Thank You” to Its Hero in the Sweetest Way

by Melanie

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Foxes are intelligent and curious creatures, which allows them to be adaptable to many environments.  However, their inquisitiveness often gets them into trouble.  This baby floof got his head caught in a dog food can, and when a man heard his cries for help and saved him, he thanked the man in the most adorable way…



This poor darling was scared and in the dark, howling for a hero when just the right person came along.  After the can was pulled off of his head, he allowed the man to pet him for a moment, and then began going on his way.  But then he realized that he had forgotten something – nothing says “thank you” quite like toe kisses!  Hopefully this lil guy made it safely back to his den, and learned his lesson about putting his nose where it doesn’t belong.


3.17.17 Fox Kit Says Thank You in the Sweetest Way2


We also hope this video will serve as a reminder to always dispose of garbage and recyclables properly, and to crush cans and jars to prevent animals from getting their heads stuck (thus dehydrating/starving to death) should the empty containers not make it to their intended destinations.