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Bicycle Parts Become Artistic Expressions of Dogs

by Adrea

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Nirit Levav is an artist and like many artists, she can see things in ways other people can’t.  Bicycle chains, for example.  Most of us would look at them and see…bicycle chains.  The more finicky would perhaps distill that down to greasy bicycle chains.  Levav does not.  She sees dogs.

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For two decades, the multidisciplinary artist made her career as a fashion designer, deciding to make a change, in 2010, to following her passion. Art.  Her goal was to, as she states on BoredPanda, “capture the dogs’ gentleness and sensitivity, each one and its own unique expressions, despite the use of scrap metal.” Levav followed with, “Hope you’ll enjoy it. I love to make people smile through my art.”  Seems she has managed to do that.

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Choo- Choo by Nirit Levav