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Bikers make Roadblock to get Scared Dog off Highway

by Fred

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This video was uploaded to by user Prince Henry.  It shows some bikers making a roadblock on a busy highway.  It was all in an effort to get a dog off of the highway it had been scampering around on, and off to safety before the worst happened.

No one is quite sure just how the dog managed to get into that situation.  Had someone dumped the dog off to the side of the road, or had the dog simply got away from it’s humans and wandered too far from home and got lost?  All the bikers were sure of is someone had to do something before there was a horrible accident.

The bikers had banded together, and blocked off on coming traffic.  The dog was running everywhere, and at first they had a hard time wrangling the dog in.  At one point, on of the bikers had jumped into the on ramp for the highway to stop the dog from getting hit, and eventually, the dog was reigned into safety.

The bikers got the dog off of the highway, and then got out of everyone else’s way.  Luckily, this time around at least, no one was hurt.  The owners of the dog have yet to be identified.  As of the writing of this article, no further information as to the identity of the dog or anything else had been released.

3.11.15 - dog rescued by bikers