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Billy the Stray Comes Back from the Brink of Death

by Katherine

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Stray dogs suffer every day. No one looks after them. No one feeds them. No one offers them a safe place to rest. However, some street dogs get lucky and get rescued off the streets. This is the story of Billy, a former stray from Greece that was almost dead when found.

Billy was nothing more than a hairless bag of bones with little life left. He suffered numerous skin infections and had just a few days left to live. His eyes were full of hope and the animal rescue organization that took him in, Zeil, knew all the dog needed was love , food and medical care to bounce back to health.

It took just two months to help Billy recover. The healthy dog he became looks nothing like the dying dog once scooped up off the streets.

Below are some pictures of Billy’s journey to a happily ever after.






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