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Bleeding, Frightened Dog Surrenders to Rescuer & Gives Kisses!

by Amy Drew

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Leesa was living on the streets of Los Angeles, suffering. A large mammary mass on her abdomen had ruptured. She was bleeding and in pain and thankfully, someone noticed — Hope for Paws got a call.

“Someone who follows Hope For Paws spotted Leesa living behind a restaurant, hiding under cars, and not feeling well,” Eldad Hagar, founder of Hope for Paws, told The Dodo. “She could see her bleeding tumors, so she asked me for help…. I just rushed to the rescue location.”

image 60
Leesa was cowering beneath a car when her rescuer found her. Photo: Hope for Paws


At first, Hagar tried a simple snare, but Leesa was immediately frightened, absconding from beneath one car to hide under another. Hagar decided he needed to earn her trust first.

A little petting, then a bit more — she began to soften. After a while, Hagar took out his leash, showing Leesa he only wanted to help, and eventually he was able to slip it around her neck and coax her into the light.

image 61
A little trust earned: Leesa comes out from her hiding place. Photo: Hope for Paws


Once out, she warmed up quickly, crawling into his lap and even sneaking a quick, grateful kiss in. She was happy to be in good company, happy to be rescued.

“I have done this thousands of times already, but it’s always so special to go through this process where you actually develop a relationship and trust over such a short period of time (the whole rescue took less than 30 minutes),” Hagar said. “It was so sweet to have her climb onto my lap, come close for a hug, and then sneak a kiss. Her reaction for me kissing her was even sweeter. She almost reacted like a human.”

image 62
Friendship sealed with a kiss: a grateful Leesa senses that this is where her story gets better. Photo: Hope for Paws


Leesa was quickly treated by a local vet and had surgery to remove several tumors. She was also spayed.

Recovery took some time, but as you can see in the touching rescue video above, Leesa is now in a very loving foster home and awaiting adoption.

“I went to visit Leesa, and she is doing AMAZING,” Hagar said. “She is healthy, happy, running around and she had so much fun playing with toys.”

image 63
Now happy, healthy & goofy, all Leesa needs is a forever home!


Are you interested in adopting this gorgeous girl? Contact Much Love Animal Rescue for more information. And to help other dogs like Leesa, you can donate to Hope for Paws.