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Cirrus the Cat and Chubbs the Dog Are a Special Bonded Pair Who Really Need a Home Together

by Fred

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4.6.17 bonded pair2


Good day, Life With Dogs readers.  Today is Thursday, and we have an extra special LWD Adoptable Dog of the Day, today.  We have a request from Lapcats Rescue in San Diego, California.  They have their very first bonded pair they are trying to help out, and there was no way we could pass up the chance the feature them.  They are a dog and cat pair called Cirrus and Chubbs.

Let’s let Lapcats introduce Cirrus and Barbara:

This is the first time we have done a Bonded Pairs adoption with a cat and a dog!!

We rescued Cirrus the cat out of the shelter earlier in the week and when Barbara went back to the shelter and inquired about the dog that came in with him, we looked on the computer and saw that it showed he was adopted.

After further investigation he had been adopted but was returned three days later because “He was aggressive.” This dog is the furthest thing from aggressive you could ever imagine! He is a complete lapdog, loves to give dog kisses, loves to be carried around like a football, and when he was reunited with his cat brother, his tail went a mile a minute.

He climbed in the carrier and started kissing his head. It was the sweetest thing and we got it all on Facebook live! They definitely have to stay together so if you are interested in a bonded pair cat and dog, please look at the profile on Cirrus as well and submit an application at!

To see the Lapcats Facebook page, click here.  To see their main page, click here.